Tea Room Ettiquette

Mobile phones must not be used in the main tearoom under any circumstances.  If you have the desire to use your mobile phone please step out the front of the shop and stand to the side.

The un-savoury habit of dunking biscuits’ is strictly prohibited and will result in you being ask to leave the tea rooms.

There is a correct way to hold your cup and saucer.  Pick up your cup and saucer together-holding the saucer in one hand and the cup in the other.  The best way to hold a tea cup is to slip your index finger through the handle, up to almost the first knuckle, then balance and secure the cup by placing your thumb on the top of the handle and allowing the bottom of the handle to rest on your middle finger.  Hold the cup lightly, by the handle- your pinkie doesn’t have to be extended (contrary to popular belief, the ring and the pinkie finger should not be extended, but should rest by curving gently back towards your wrist).  Hold the saucer under your cup while you sip your tea (least you should spill or dribble).

When stirring your tea, kindly refrain from clinking the sides of your cup.  Gently swish the liquid back and forth being careful not to touch the sides of your cup if possible.  Never leave your spoon in the cup and be sure not to sip your tea from the spoon either.  After stirring, place your spoon quietly on the saucer, behind the cup, on the right hand side under the handle.  Please ensure you introduce a little milk or cold water to your cup before pouring your tea to prevent cracking of the china.

We have kindly provided sugar tongs on each table for your use.  For hygiene reasons please do not touch the sugar cubes in the bowl.

Blasphemy Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Julie Goodyear MBE, Princess Diana, Jane Mc Donald, or any member of the royal family is strictly prohibited and again will result in you being asked to leave the rooms.

Guests are invited to adopt correct posture and avoid from resting elbows on our tables. 

Conversation should never be louder than two tones above the chink of a tea cup and
Good table manners are expected at all times.

As display of respect, guests in residents at the stroke of 4pm on Sundays are required to rise for The National Anthem, followed by three cheers for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.  Un-cooperative guests will be promptly issued with their bill and escorted from the premises. (Disabled and infirm exempt).

The management reserved the right to ask you to leave at any point during your stay with us, without giving reason, should we find you uncongenial. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Tea Cosy.

xx nicco

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